Diabetes in Schools: A team approach

Supporting a student to manage diabetes in a school setting is a shared responsibility – it needs a team approach involving principals and school staff, parents and carers and health professionals.

Health professionals (diabetes treating team) are a key member of a student’s schools diabetes team and play an important role in supporting a young person with diabetes to remain healthy and safe and able to participate in their school life. This includes working with parents and carers to develop a young person’s diabetes management plan. The diabetes treating team will prescribe an appropriate treatment regime for the young person, which will be documented in the diabetes management plan in a way that helps schools to understand how to manage the student’s needs when they are at school.

Diabetes treating teams play an important, ongoing role in supporting young people with diabetes, including working collaboratively with the school and parents or carers, updating the student’s diabetes management plan as required, and communicating these changes to the young person and their family.  >> View the role of health professionals

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