Training Levels Completed
The number of school staff across Australia who have successfully completed a level in the Diabetes in Schools training program, to support their student’s health and wellbeing.
Modules completed
The number of modules completed in the Diabetes in Schools training program, providing essential knowledge to school staff about diabetes care.
Participating schools
The number of schools using the Diabetes in Schools program to provide valuable support for both their staff and students living with diabetes.

Let’s work together

All kids deserve a chance to dream big, and kids with type 1 diabetes shouldn’t be any different. The Diabetes in Schools program encourages families, schools and health professionals to work together to support students to manage their type 1 diabetes at school so they have the chance to learn, achieve and be the best they can be.

Managing type 1 diabetes is a 24/7 job. It impacts everything a child does from what they eat, to the sport they play, to sleep overs and even play time. It can place families under significant stress as they do everything they can to keep their child safe and healthy – especially when they go to school. It can also be challenging for principals, teachers and school staff to know how they can best support a student with type 1 diabetes and their family.

This is why the new Diabetes in Schools program, funded by the Australian Government through the National Diabetes Service Scheme, has been established to give families and schools the education and support they need to help kids with type 1 diabetes thrive at school.

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Training for schools

Diabetes in Schools is an information and training program designed for families and schools to help them to better support students with type 1 diabetes at school.

The program provides access to a range of tools, resources, information and support to help parents and schools better understand how to support students with type 1 diabetes while at school.

It also offers a free, easily accessible online training program for all schools across the country. Over the coming months, face-to-face practical school training provided by qualified health professionals will also be available for schools that have students who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or who may require support to administer insulin.

  • “Knowing that my child’s teacher has received training makes me feel confident that they have the knowledge and skills to help him manage his type 1 diabetes while he’s at school. ”
    Parent of 10 year old
  • “I now have the information I need to help my child manage her type 1 diabetes at school. Without this tool, we would’ve been lost.”
    Parent of 8 year old
  • “Nothing but praise! Amazing students, they made me cry! I feel sad for my son as he did not have this experience at his school and I try my hardest to advocate for young people with diabetes and this is the perfect tool!”
    Teacher of 13 year old
  • “I am a parent of a young person with diabetes and I'm also a teacher. This training program is spot on! Finally something that does not seem threatening or judgemental of anyone but especially not of the young person themselves.”
    Parent of 7 year old
  • “I have done previous diabetes training that was not specific to the school setting. It was great to learn a lot of practical aspects of managing diabetes specific to the school setting.”
    Primary School teacher
  • “I now have a wider understanding of Type 1 Diabetes. I have learnt how to monitor blood glucose and appropriately respond to the results, scheduling and planning, symptoms of low or very high blood glucose, eating carefully, exercising. I was very impressed with this training session. I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Type 1 Diabetes. It cannot be improved it was fantastic. I loved it. All I can say is that it was a wonderful learning tool.”
  • “The importance of a team to support our student so that he can access all school activities and feel safe and confident to do so. Empowering us with the knowledge of how to look after our student and to support the parents so that they are confident with us A great online training package which all of our staff will now complete. ”
    Vice-Principal of primary school

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Take the first step to supporting a child with type 1 diabetes by telling a school about the Diabetes in Schools program.

By filling in this form your school will receive an email from us letting them know about the Diabetes in Schools program and the training available. Please contact your State Coordinator if you would like extra support in helping your school to access training.