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Diabetes in Schools
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NDSS Diabetes in schools

About the program

There are more than 11,000 school age kids living with type 1 diabetes in Australia.

Managing type 1 diabetes is a 24/7 job. It impacts everything a child does from what they eat, to the sport they play, to sleep overs and even play time.

Type 1 diabetes can place families under significant stress as they do everything they can to keep their child safe and healthy - especially when they go to school.

It can also be challenging for teachers and school staff to know how they can best support a student with type 1 diabetes and their family. 

That’s why the new Diabetes in Schools program has been established to better support families and schools to help kids with type 1 diabetes thrive at school. 

From early next year, a new web portal will be available for parents, principals, school staff and health professionals. The web portal will provide access to a range tools, resources, information and support to help parents and schools better understand how to support students with type 1 diabetes while at school. A dedicated online training program for all schools and their staff will be available.  

Importantly, face-to-face training for designated school staff and individualised for the student will be provided at schools by qualified healthcare professionals. The training will begin to be rolled out in 2020.

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All parents of kids with type 1 diabetes want their children to be safe, healthy and supported at school, and to be able to enjoy school like any other child. The Diabetes in Schools program aims to give parents the peace of mind that their child’s diabetes can be well managed while at school.

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School Staff

Teachers and school staff already do such an important job in teaching and nurturing our young people. But we know young people with type 1 diabetes need extra support. The Diabetes in Schools program will give school staff the training and confidence to provide this support.

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The Diabetes in Schools program will provide guidance and information for Principals about how they can further create a safe and supportive school environment to help a student with type 1 diabetes learn, develop and thrive. It will also give Principals access to information and training for their staff.

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Health Professional

Health professionals already play a vital role in the care and treatment of children with type 1 diabetes and developing a diabetes management plan with the family. The Diabetes in Schools program will support health care professionals to provide additional support and training to schools and school staff where it is needed most.

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