Casy Study: Pania goes to a school camp

A female student in Year 7 is looking forward going to school camp with her friends. It will be her first time attending school camp since she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The student’s parents will work with the school to plan ahead for the camp and to understand and set expectations for the support that can be provided. This advanced planning will include the school providing information about the activities for the camp, as well as the food menus and meal times, so that the student’s parents can consult with the diabetes treating team to check how the food and activities on the camp will affect the student’s type 1 diabetes. The plan also enables the parents and school to confirm the camp location, check the phone reception, and detail the emergency diabetes action plans.

The school’s principal will need to ensure that a designated staff member attends the camp, who is able to assist the student with their overnight type 1 diabetes management. The student’s parents may need to provide the designated staff member with additional information to enable them to provide the support that would ordinarily fall outside of school hours.  For some school staff this may mean they require Diabetes in Schools Level 3 training for the first time or up-skilling on specific skills for overnight camps.

The school should inform the camp operators about the student’s needs, particularly where there are camp activities organised by third parties, and determine whether the staff are appropriately trained to support persons with type 1 diabetes.


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