The purpose of the health professional checklist is to ensure that a student with type 1 diabetes can return to school confidently, knowing that care and accurate preparations have been undertaken.

It should be used to prevent misunderstanding and ensure consistency among stakeholders. The checklist (using tick-boxes) makes certain all relevant actions have been considered.

The health professional checklist provides specific information regarding what actions the health professional needs to do, and how, where, and when each action should be done.

It has been written in a systematic way to make sure that nothing important is forgotten and that the process will be completed the same way each time.

It is important that steps are not forgotten and actions are being done within an established order.

The checklist is to be used as a step-by-step guide to confirm when actions have been completed. It can facilitate communication between student, parent/carer, principal, and health professional.

Understanding its function and how to use it is important.