If you think you’re being treated unfairly or differently at your preschool or school because of your diabetes, it’s a good idea to speak up about it.

People might think you’re getting more attention or getting special treatment. They might even be frightened that they could catch type 1 diabetes from you. None of this is true and it’s certainly not your fault that others think or feel this way. Talking to your family or an adult at your preschool or school will help to sort this out. It’s sometimes hard to talk about your feelings but it’s important to let someone help you feel better and clear up any misunderstandings.

Sometimes it’s just hard… We all get upset about things sometimes and it’s normal to feel fed up with having diabetes too. You might feel down about having to do blood glucose checks or having hypos that get in the way of having fun. If you’ve just been diagnosed then you might feel worried about type 1 diabetes and how it will affect you, especially at preschool or school when your family isn’t around. Talking to someone can make you feel better.

 Who can I talk to? There are lots of people who can help you, and different people can help you with different problems. Try talking to your family, a friend, your diabetes team, or an adult at your preschool or school. You might like to think about going on a camp or day activities with other children just like you who have type 1 diabetes. Your family can help you find out more about these. They can be great places to make new friends and talk about what it’s like living with type 1 diabetes.