Type 2 diabetes is different from type 1 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is not caused by an autoimmune response; the body does not attack itself. Student’s with type 2 diabetes still have beta cells in the pancreas that make and release the hormone insulin.

Initially, type 2 diabetes is when cells in the body do not use insulin effectively, the cells become resistant to insulin. For the body to maintain glucose control, the beta cells respond by making and releasing a greater amount of insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is a progressive condition

Over time cells become overworked and tired, they start to make and release less insulin. As a result, blood glucose levels rise.

Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common in adolescent students. Management usually involves lifestyle modifications and occasionally medication.

Type 2 diabetes in a school setting can be supported by trained staff. Daily support needs may include glucose monitoring, oral medication or giving insulin.