Students have a responsibility to be actively engaged in their type 1 diabetes management at school

This means being involved in the development and implementation of school diabetes management plans. Students should be aware and follow their diabetes management plan when indicated.

Most of what a student uses at home is needed at school.

At school, a student will need to monitor glucose levels, give insulin, eat snacks, eat lunch, participate in physical activity and school events and may need to manage a low blood glucose reading. A student should know their target glucose range and know who and when to ask for support.

All students with type 1 diabetes, regardless of self-management abilities, will need type 1 diabetes equipment and supplies at school to manage their type 1 diabetes. Arrangements should always be made in advance with the school to provide and store the diabetes equipment and supplies with the student at school.

Additional equipment and supplies should be kept in an agreed designated place within the school as a backup, should the student’s equipment and supplies be misplaced, inaccessible, depleted, or if required in a school evacuation, lock-down or natural disaster. A student should always know where their equipment and supplies are at school.

Students considered independent in type 1 diabetes support needs at school should:

  • demonstrate competency in glucose monitoring and giving insulin
  • be responsible for the use and safe keeping of their type 1 diabetes equipment and supplies and
  • be responsible for the safe disposal of sharps and used supplies.