As students head back to the classroom it is normal for students, parents and teachers to feel anxious. Your child’s teachers will value and appreciate open lines of communication which will result in the best care and support for your child.

You play an important role in making sure your child’s school is informed and kept up to date regarding the care of your child and their type 1 diabetes. Often the level of support that you have been able to provide at home cannot be reasonably provided in the school environment because of the responsibility that staff have for all students under their care. It is therefore important that parents and schools work together to understand what support your child needs during school.

Your child’s diabetes management plan is the key document to be updated and communicated as they return to full-time attendance. If the management of your child’s type 1 diabetes has changed while they have been learning from home the school must be informed of this and your child’s diabetes management plan and action plan should be updated.

If your child’s school indicates that they would like more training or a refresher following the interruption of school due to COVID-19, you can talk to them about the Diabetes in Schools online training.

The following tips will help to keep the lines of communication open.

Communication Tips:

  • Tell them that you value their time
  • Listen to their concerns
  • Provide feedback and encouragement
  • Give them all the information they need to carry out care and support
  • Understand that this is also a time of transition for them and they have lots of competing priorities

The Diabetes in Schools website also has some useful resources that can help you communicate with your child’s school including Meeting with your Child’s School and the Role of a Parent or Carer.