Case Study: Angel receives an insulin pump

A male student who is 8 years of age is excited to be getting an insulin pump as it will make it easier for him to manage his type 1 diabetes at school. To support his transition from multi daily injections to insulin pump therapy, his parents let the school know about the change.

When the student’s treatment regime is changed, the diabetes treating team will need to update diabetes management plan with the family. The student’s parent or carer will provide the updated diabetes management plan to the school, to make sure that his teachers and other relevant staff (including the designated staff members) know how the device works and what it means for the student on a day-to-day basis.

The designated staff may require additional training to understand how the insulin pump works, which they can complete through the Diabetes in Schools program. The boy’s parents/carers and diabetes treating team will make sure that he knows how to use the device and feels confident using it and wearing it. As the student gets used to his new treatment, there may be additional communication between his parents and the designated staff at the school to ensure that he is well supported during this time.


Level 3 Individualised Skills Training is designed for designated school staff and focuses on the individual student’s type 1 diabetes management including insulin administration, glucose monitoring or hypo management. This practical face-to-face training is delivered in the school by a qualified healthcare professional.

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