Case Study: Jackson wins 1st place at swimming carnival

Jackson, a male student in year 10 who has type 1 diabetes, is competing in a swimming carnival. His insulin is usually delivered by insulin pump. Jackson will need to know what time his races are so he and his parents or carers can plan his insulin and food needs for the day. He can remove his pump for up to 90 minutes but will need a safe place for that to be stored. To ensure that Jackson is able to safely compete in the swimming carnival, the principal and the designated staff members confirm Jackson’s needs with his parents a number of weeks before the carnival takes place.

The day before the swimming carnival, the designated staff members check and confirm, with Jackson’s parents or carers, the plan for the day in terms of food and insulin, and follows this up on the day of the carnival. The designated staff members also work with the sports teacher in advance to ensure that there is a safe place for Jackson’s insulin pump to be stored while he competes in the swimming carnival and that it is immediately accessible after Jackson finishes. Jackson’s designated staff members also makes a note of extra glucose checks that need to be completed during the swimming carnival.

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