Case Study: Angel has a timed assessment (NAPLAN) at school

Early next term the NAPLAN assessments will be occurring for all year 5 students. A change in classroom routine may impact a student who has type 1 diabetes. One change for this primary school is the year 5 groups will have morning tea 30 minutes later than normal.

The designated staff who is one of the year 5 teachers makes an appointment with the parents of the student with type 1 diabetes.  The parents explain that their child is on a pump and he will be able to manage the later time for morning tea, however they know their child is a little worried about NAPLAN and it may increase his blood glucose levels.  When his levels are above the target range he finds it harder to concentrate.

The teacher and family discuss how the student can check their levels during the assessment.  They agree his CGM receiver can sit close enough to receive any alerts they give if they seat him near to the supervisor’s desk.  The supervisor will be educated that he is allowed to have water and food with him and if his glucose level is above the target range he may need a toilet break.

His parents will also remind their son that the teachers can help him follow the diabetes management plan even during the tests if his level out of the target range.


Level 1 & 2 Intermediate Training is available online for all staff and requests for level 3 Individualised Skills Training can also be made online. Level 3 training is designed for designated school staff and focuses on the individual student’s type 1 diabetes management including insulin administration, glucose monitoring, or hypo management. This practical face-to-face training is delivered in the school by a qualified healthcare professional. All principals and staff can register for training