Case Study: Sienna has a growth spurt

Sienna, a student in year 5 has had type 1 diabetes for three years and is very good at recognising her low glucose levels.  Sienna always responds to her CGM alerts when low.  It’s been nearly a year since her diabetes management plan was reviewed.  Sometimes she feels the teachers do not let her eat enough food when she has a low glucose level.

Her father touches base with one of the designated staff to remind them about the appropriate type and amount of food or drink to treat his daughters lows.  The staff member refers to the students diabetes management plan.  It describes an amount of hypo treatment that is too little for Sienna after a recent growth spurt.

Sienna’s parents contact their clinical treating team who arrange for a revised diabetes management plan for the school. A few days later the school confirms they have received the revised plan and have notified all relevant staff of the changes.

Frequent communication between school staff and parents or carers are key to the changing needs of diabetes and routines at school.

Tips on communicating with your school