When a student with type 1 diabetes is unwell at school it is expected that their parents have been contacted to collect them and they will be cared for at home.

Illnesses such as common colds, influenza or other viruses and infections may cause unstable blood glucose levels. During illness, blood glucose levels can rise and the body often requires more insulin and additional monitoring.

Illnesses that cause nausea and vomiting can be serious for students with type 1 diabetes, as food and fluids may not be absorbed, which can lead to unstable glucose levels and/or dehydration. Students with type 1 diabetes who are unwell, especially when vomiting, need to be seen by a medical officer or general practitioner urgently.

If the student is in the sick room, they must be within the line of sight of a responsible adult if the adult is unable to stay with them. This is because the student’s symptoms may progress suddenly and they may become disoriented, start vomiting or become unconscious.

If a student with type 1 diabetes is obviously unwell, for example, sleepy, feverish or nauseated, it is expected that the student’s parent/carer or other emergency contacts collect the student.

If emergency contacts are not available, then call 000 for assistance.